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  • Approach: research school program websites
  • Schools: Canadian universities and institutes
  • Measure: post-secondary program titles that reference:  "Data", "Data Science", "Analytics", "Machine Learning" 
  • Insights: several listed below
  • Interactive Dashboard: will help you do your own research

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Post-secondary Programs


  • numerous programs have emerged in Canada
  • 89 identified as of Jun 2019
  • more than 40 universities & institutes
  • considerable variation in the naming and content

Program Levels


  • 5 levels of programs identified: Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • Certificates are the most common (usually 4 courses)
  • Masters degrees are the 2nd most common (usually requires a bachelors for entry)

Canadian Provinces


  • 7 provinces have programs
  • provinces with the most programs: ON, AB, QC, BC
  • no programs identified in SK, MB, NL 
  • program level profiles change by province 


  • Data science and analytics skills are crucial in a digital economy.  Canada needs to foster those skills in order to be competitive.

  • We at Fuzeium wanted to better understand where those skills are being actively developed and promoted.  

  • The emergence of words in education program-titles can suggest what is in demand for a given region--from both the employers and the students' perspective.  

  • The presence of a program can also suggest, which schools have the wherewithal to meet that demand.

  • Our analysis (for beta v7 June 2019) focused on program titles making reference to:  "Data", "Data Science", "Analytics", "Machine Learning".

  • We gathered data from numerous public web sites.  Then it was analyzed with Microsoft Power BI.

  • The results are publicly available. 


  • Disclaimer:  We recognize that people can enter the fields of Data Science & Analytics, including AI, from many other post-secondary programs.   Traditional program titles may not reference the keywords above, but the programs produce critical people & skills in engineering, science, maths, medicine, computing, business, economics, visual arts etc.


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